30 Days of Art Campaign Kicks Off Today

Why is art important? How does it directly affect you?

Starting today, these questions will be explored through “30 Days of Art.” This collaborative social media campaign is an effort of Arrowhead Regional Arts Council,  Blandin Foundation, Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation, and Lyric Center for the Arts.

The four participating organizations will post one article each day on a variety of art-related topics, such as economic and community impact, upcoming events, artist and arts organization profiles and more.

Our intention is to show the great depth and breadth of art and creative people across the region. Art is our symphonies and our painters. And art is also the bands playing in brewpubs and people coming home from work and making things from wood and metal. Art is central to our great winter festivals and our summer gatherings. Art is also much, much more.

During these 30 days, you will see stories on the importance of art to our economy and to making sure our downtowns become more vibrant. Art is often at the center of the work we do together. The Iron Range also includes a terrific range of significant talents, who we hope will become household names.

We hope you enjoy the articles and think about ways you and your neighbors can also contribute to the vibrancy of the region.

Look for the hashtags #30DaysofArt and #ArtsontheRange and be sure to share the posts on your own social media pages! Cross-posted articles can be found on the Cool & Creative Facebook page.