Rural and Community Art Project Grant

The Rural & Community Art Project program provides funding of up to $5,000 to support relevant, meaningful arts activities with value to the community your organization serves. Support may be used to create, perform, exhibit or publish artistic works; or to present arts events by contracting the services of other organizations or individuals.

We have budgeted $35,000 for this program for the current year.

Applications OpenApplication DeadlineGrant Panel ReviewBoard Approval MeetingEarliest Possible Starting Date
Applications will be open and available to submit online on this date.Applications must be submitted online by 4:30 p.m. on this date.Grant applications will be reviewed by a panel on this date.Panel recommendations will be approved by the Board on this date.Grant projects may not start prior to this date.
Friday, February 12, 2021Friday, March 26, 2021Tuesday, May 11, 2021Thursday, May 20, 2021Tuesday, June 1, 2021


  • Artistic Vision (30%)
  • Impact and Evaluation (40%)
  • Ability (30%)


This is a program for organizations across our region with small arts budgets and located outside of Duluth. Organizations outside of Duluth with prior year arts operating expenses of $40,000 or less are eligible to apply into this program. Larger groups and all groups in Duluth are eligible to apply into our Art Project program.

For complete eligibility requirements, please read the guidelines.

How to Apply:

Please read the guidelines completely before beginning your application, and feel free to contact the Grants Manager with questions.

Rural and Community Art Project Guidelines 

Applications must be completed and submitted using the ARAC Grant Portal. Submissions in any other format, including email, will not be accepted. Instructions for navigating the online system can be found in both the guidelines and by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button below.

  • The online application process will walk you through submitting your application.
  • To be eligible, your application must include all materials listed as required in the online application.
  • Applications must be received into the online system by 4:30 p.m. on the deadline date. Applications received after this time are ineligible and will not be reviewed. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Apply Now

Grant Questions:

Artistic Vision:

In this section, describe the artistic concept behind your project. This includes not only the artistic quality of the artist(s) or groups involved, but also the intentionality behind the project and its appropriateness to the community served.

  • What is your proposed project? Where will it take place, and what is the timeline for your activity?
  • Describe the artistic vision behind your project.
  • Describe the artistic quality of the artist(s), group(s), and/or activities involved; and describe the qualifications of the project leaders. If the intended artists or groups have not been selected yet, explain the selection process that will be used. Be as specific as possible.

Impact and Evaluation:
In this section, describe the anticipated community value of your project as well as your plan to evaluate it.


  • What is the anticipated community value of your project?

This section is for you to tell us about your goals and how you plan to know whether you succeeded in reaching your goal. If you don’t know how to answer this question, please contact us and talk the issue through with our Grants Manager. Don’t wait until the final two weeks before the deadline, as they may be too busy to provide much help.

  • Goal Statement? What are you trying to accomplish with this work? What are your measurable outcomes?
  • How do you plan to know whether the work is a success? Please tell us about how you will assess this work. How will you measure the outcomes stated above?

In this section, describe your organization’s capacity to undertake your project. This includes: providing a budget that is realistic, feasible, and demonstrates a clear understanding of the scope of your project; adequate support materials; as well as narrative responses articulating your organization’s readiness to undertake the project.

  • Why should we have confidence in your organization’s ability to complete this project?
  • How will ARAC funding be used? Please provide context and details for the budget you will attach.

You’ll be asked to attach an appropriate artistic resumes.

Optional Questions:

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your organization or your proposal?

Help with your application:

  • All applicants are encouraged to discuss proposal ideas and eligibility with the Grants Manager prior to starting a grant application.
  • ARAC schedules a variety of workshops, office hours, and one-on-one consultations before each grant deadline. Please consult our Announcements page for the most recent information or call/email our grants manager to set up a one-on-one consultation. ARAC also maintains a guest computer in our offices if you’d like to work on your proposal during regular office hours.
  • Applicants may request grant application ‘draft reviews’ no later than 2 weeks prior to the deadline. The Grants Manager will review your application draft and give feedback for you prior to submitting your application for the Board to review. Draft reviews must be requested by contacting the Grants Manager no later than 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

To see a list of previous Rural and Community Art Project grant recipients and their projects, visit our recent awards page.

If you received a grant prior to July 1, 2014 and still have a Final Report due, please contact the office to have a form sent to you.

Grant FAQs

Budget Instructions