Frequently Asked Questions about Board and Review Panel Service


Q. If I serve on the board or as a volunteer grant reviewer, am I (or is my organization) still eligible to apply for grants?

A. The short answer is yes! Here is the long answer: You are (or your organization is) still able to apply for eligible grants – just not in the specific program(s) you are reviewing. Whether you are a board member or volunteer grant reviewer, you will provide us with a disclosure of your regional organizational associations — as well as regional organizational associations within your immediate family — before your service begins. This helps guide our decision-making on review panel assignments. Our full conflict of interest policy for board members and volunteer grant reviewers is available here (pardon the legalese!).

Q. I know that board members have to reside in one of the seven counties of the Arrowhead Region. Is this also true for volunteer grant reviewers?

A. Nope! You do not have to live in the region to serve as a volunteer grant reviewer.

Q. Are board members or volunteer grant reviewers compensated for their service?

A. No and yes. Our region covers more territory than any other regional arts council – almost a quarter of the state! Our board members and volunteer grant reviewers who travel from outside of Duluth receive mileage reimbursement of $.545 per mile. Depending on the driving distance and the timing of meetings, we also sometimes provide meals and overnight lodging for reviewers. This is approved on a case-by-case basis. Fellowship reviewers receive a small honorarium of $100. Volunteer grant reviewers in other programs receive a small handmade gift by a regional artist or a book by a regional author at the end of each review meeting as a token of our gratitude.