Small Grant: Educational Opportunity

This program offers up to $750 for artists to attend an extraordinary educational opportunity within Minnesota. The criteria would be that it is an opportunity that has an exceptional impact on the artist’s development and the ability of the artist to complete the opportunity.


We have $7,500 in this program. More details will be posted before the program is available on our website on July 26.


Small Grant Deadlines (First-come, first serve; as long as funding is available—please check our website to see if money is still available in this program; grants will be reviewed by the staff and then approved at our next board meeting.)

Fri., Sept. 6
Fri., Oct. 4
Fri., Nov. 8
Fri., Dec. 6
Fri., Jan 3
Fri., Feb. 7
Fri., Mar. 6
Fri., Apr. 3
Fri., May 8
Fri., June 5